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yellow11 | 12:12 Sun 28th Mar 2021 | Crosswords
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is there an email address for saturday's xwords as i used to enter online but can't anymore?thanks


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[email protected]
12:21 Sun 28th Mar 2021
I can't see an email address for entries, just the postal address below the grids.

When you say you can't enter online any more, do you mean because you no longer subscribe or that there's a problem with the online submission procedure?
[email protected]
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many thanks both-my ex-husband used to subscribe so we could access it online but he has now stopped his subscrition unfortunately and we can't justify membershop as we already have a weekend telegraph package
brainiac - have you used that address successfully?

This - admittedly old - page doesn't show an email address

Sunday Times entries can be submitted by email -
I scan the completed grid and email it to that address with 'Crossword 27936' (or whatever the number is) in the subject line.

If you want to send the Jumbo cryptic, do the same to
[email protected] with 'Cryptic 1489' (or whatever) in the subject line.
Yes, these are the addresses as printed in yesterday's paper; have been for some time
Great info brainiac, ta - I wonder why it's not shown anywhere (that I can see)?
Crossed posts - ah, I never see the actual paper :-)

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