Iq 1692 Is The Preamble Correct?

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ProfessorMaisie | 12:30 Sat 27th Mar 2021 | Crosswords
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I have identified 6 cells (their letters are omitted from wordplay) not the ''five cells'' given in the preamble. I can change one of the two unchecked entries - although wordplay suggests an omission - but this would still give 9 affected clues (one more than the preamble's required ''eight other clues''). The puzzle resolves well, but can the preamble be so wrong?


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No, I've made a mistake, sorry. The preamble is correct.
I have 5 O cells (but only from 7 clues with letter missing in wordplay?) and everything filled in, but don't understand how the escape to the bottom right cell works....??
I'm sorted now!
Is the answer to 29d 5 letters and not 4, as stated?
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Yes, 5 letters ('capital' def).
40a Supplier to pub bar with early signs of growth (5) BREE? breed?
Is the 2nd O in 17a one of the 8? If so i have 6 cells ??
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the 'd' is wrong - 'bar w(ith)' = remove 'w' from a pub supplier.
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Yes, the final 'o' is one of the 5.
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... I made the mistake of counting the 'o' from 13ac which was very careless of me, because it's clearly clued and is checked by 3d (but once I'd made the mistake I didn't look at it again and concentrated on the unchecked entries instead!).
thanks ...ive done exactly the same....will correct now!
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''Great minds...'' [+ 'fools seldom differ', of course}.

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Iq 1692 Is The Preamble Correct?

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