Stuck As Usual On Several

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MarMatMal | 17:19 Sun 21st Mar 2021 | Crosswords
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Help most gratefully received for the following clues:
If 4d is colcannon 9a Mariner's story about halting descent (6) ?????l
11a Staunch a flow evenly opening bandages (8)?????a?h
16a Conclude a menu skimped on rum(4,4,4,2) ?????n???d??
22a Murders look common in Whitechapel (8) ????????
Many thanks in advance. Martin


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9a abseil
11a stalwart
16a make ones mind up
22a butchers
16 anagram- make up ones mind
22 Butchers
9 Abseil
right words wrong order!
4d Yes - Colcannon - 'can (tin) n(ew)' (filling) 'colon' (:)

9a Abseil - ab's (mariner's) + 'lie' (story, about)
11a Stalwart - 'start' (opening, bandages; contains) 'A fLoW' (evenly)
16a Make one's mind up - anag 'a menu skimped on'
22a Butchers - East End "look"
Sorry, I should've included the clue for 4d -

Tin with new filling: Irish food

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Stuck As Usual On Several

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