Iq 1690

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hankir | 17:18 Sat 13th Mar 2021 | Crosswords
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I thought the top row is blank but not for all clues from 1 to 11?
Each clue may have a letter missing.

2d. Source is encircled? (7) Answer could be 6.

16d. Glaswegian guarding hat is about to appear in Press (7)

23a. Person making roof slabs red for one machinist (8)

27d, Run the fare away from the rabbi’s table? (7)



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2d R IS ING is inside ring
23a treadler ...can't parse though..
i think all the down clues up to 11d are a letter less than their count
Question Author
Thanks roos.
1d is 6 letter answer? Disagreements is 5 letters rising around M. Grids has a letter missing providing def?
Question Author
Oops. Thanks Ros.
yes i have stamps for 1d too ...griNds??

my 16d's letters look like it may be neurine???
...hopefully ProfessorM will be along soon to help us out!
27dn Terefah? Ruin instead of run maybe as an anagram indicator.
23 Treadler is Tiler, person making roof slabs, with the I/one swapped for ....
Question Author
Teenieleek, nice work on 27d.

Yes ros, waiting for ProfessorM.
1ac and 8ac are both 2 letter answers, hankir.
...'(t)hat is' = IE [rev] inside WRING = 'press'.
Question Author
Thanks ProfessorM.
1a. Do re mi ...
8a. Display is Air.

Hint on 44a and 28d please.
Still about 8 to go.
You're very nearly there (double def 'in case').
Question Author
28d could be since and then anagram?
yes, for A(i)R but, 'I omitted' = def 'letter.'
hankir ...28d ..yes!
yes, anag 'sin(c)e' + i (after M[ass]).
44a is a cut of meat (not your favourite thing I know, hankir) T + word for 'ste(e)p.'
Question Author
Thanks ProfessorM and Ros.

I had 36d ending in Y.
The grid is complete but missing the letters in 15a, 17,
and 24d, 26d.
Also the last 4 letter in down are UASI.
I thought 8dn was ground as in give ground and Hampden but not if 8ac is ar.

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