Looking For 2 Answers Please !

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AnnieD1 | 20:06 Fri 12th Mar 2021 | Crosswords
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Hi looking for two answers please from the farmers journal crossword 1. 18D opted for a 27across editor

2. 12 D how are chips beaten into this crop

thanks so much in advance


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Please tell us the letter counts and pattern's.
Is editor the answer to 27a?

2 spinach beet
.... anagram of chips beaten
18d picked if 6????
18d a guess

Plump Ed
The letter pattern's /counts would really help
Maybe mamyalyne. We really need to know what 27 across answer was too aswell as letter count
We do
Question Author
27 a is being obese the novice leaves the apartment
F ? ?

so, Mamya's 'plump-ed' will be correct
We still haven't got a count but looks ok.
The extra info has persuaded me. Its best to include as much info as possible such as letter counts to save us going down blind alley's

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Looking For 2 Answers Please !

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