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traveller10 | 12:18 Sun 07th Mar 2021 | Crosswords
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Can anyone help with numbers 27 and 28. 27 Chief magistrate whose mate is said to be rough (5) 28 Peculiar looking lone gondoliers with a single nameprovided a strong song (6,6)


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27 Reeve (female ruff)
12:21 Sun 07th Mar 2021
27 Reeve (female ruff)
28 The only thing I can come up with is Golden Oriole an anagram of lone gondoliers without the s and an n. Not sure though.
i've been trying to make golden plover work but i can't
golden voiced.
I think I can make cashier's Golden Oriole work, just about:

Lone gondoliers = [one] gondolier = anagrammed to Golden Ori
Single name added - Ole [common name in Scandinavia]

The golden oriole has a distinct song = strong song
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It is golden oriole. The clue was gondolier not gondoliers. Many thanks
New Rainbow quiz which I believe is only just out
So what, smouse?
No one had advertised it this time so I thought people might not realise it was out as this is in Crosswords.
I'm never sure whether the Dynamic Duo want it advertised here so I don't add it, I'll try to contact and ask.
Someone usually says it is out and then it is easy to find it
True, it is easy - just thinking that a proper listing might raise more funds.

We'll see.
When I saw 28. I had Lonnie Donegan in my head ! Any hints (not answers thanks) for 4,8,and 51 please?
4. If you broke your arm, you'd need this kind of support.
Hard to give a clue for 8.
51. Answered on another thread.

Any hints for No.71. Coveted host (7.3.8) (To disturb commonplace people) The second part with 'disturb' suggests anagram but only 17 letters!

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