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VivianD | 16:04 Sun 28th Feb 2021 | Crosswords
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7d Time and time again freak out about time in water spent by king
14a cor that's some brass
12a freshened up but kings malodorous creature
I have found today's very difficult; and I hope I am not the only one!


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7d Week after week - anag 'freak' (about) 't(ime)' (all in) 'wee-wee K(ing)'
14a French horn
12a Stink bug - anag 'but kings'
7 Week after week

12 Stink bug

14 French horn
12a Stink Bug (anag. If but kings)
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Never in a million years would I have got these! I'm about to give up altogether! Thanks, anyway.....

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Everyman 3881

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