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pomona | 15:38 Sun 28th Feb 2021 | Crosswords
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the wordplay may have an extra letter:

1. Keep back before neutron blast (4) ?A?N possibly DARN ??
2. Might it have a twist which would keep us in suspense? (7,3) T?R??N / ?A? TORSION BAR?


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1 Damn

Dam (keep back) N(eutron)
2 looks fine, part of a car's suspension
Question Author
Thank you Mamyalynne would torsion bar parse please?
Question Author
Thank you!
Also, a torsion is a twist.
Thought that was in the link, sorry.
And maybe a bar means keeps us in.
A Torsion bar keep us (the passengers) in suspense as it is part of the vehicle's suspension.
pomona - did you finish the puzzle - I cannot make the endgame provide anything.
I’m having trouble with the last part too
x_word_fan / patch check you have the correct pairs
GR for the outer ring
C ? (doesn't matter if its L or R)
if you apply these carefully the contents of the safe should appear in alternate rows alternate letters starting in row 3 and finishing in row 13
Thanks Roslyn. That what I have. I must spin again more carefully!

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Cracking Parse Please...

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