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allmighty | 18:09 Sat 27th Feb 2021 | Crosswords
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What's a royal navy emphasis at work right away?


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Sorry it's ten letters

Is that clue correct?
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Seamanship is an anagram of a rn emphasis minus r
Which crossword is it and is it themed at all?
Sorry, there are words that fir but nothing comes to me from that clue.

I have no idea what the setter means by 'Royal Navy emphasis'.
Well worked out Toorak, a strangely worded clue.
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It's the week Crossword 1249

Does the clue really start 'What's a' ?
I think you have your answer allmighty, well done Toorak
Yes, agreed - a good spot.
Thanks both - it is an odd clue!
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Yes thank you it means I am wrong on another.
Critic following second escape (7) S?A?P?R which I thought was SLAMMER
Second = S + Carper = a critic

scarper = to escape/run off
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Question Author
Thanks all appreciated.

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