Sat Telegraph Prize Cryptic 29610

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chokkie | 10:27 Sat 27th Feb 2021 | Crosswords
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Oooh, this is a tricky one today, stuck on a few, heeeelp ....

1a rush head teacher limiting right for extended time off (6,5) ?????? break

7a reportedly chrge criminal gang finding dried-up food (7) b??????

10a comedian entertains a minister (8) c???????

13a powerful type caught going after banker (4) e???

3d mad dog's compjanion in The Sun (10) ??????h?a?

Many thanks, cheers, Chox.


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10 chaplain
1. spring?
Career break
3 Englishman
3. Englishmen
Question Author
Thanks so much folk, that's terrific, appreciate your help. Just a query with two down clues

is 1d "collate" or "collage" (arrange 70 p er cent of security)

is 2d "rootle" - jumper let out for grub (6) ?

Many thanks, cheers, Chox.
Yes, collate and rootle
‘roo (jumper) + anagram let
Question Author
Thanks so much - see them now. appreciate your help everyone, that's one done for this morning. Cheers everyone - it's a gorgeous day here in the WEst Midlands, hope it's as lovely where you are as it is here!

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Sat Telegraph Prize Cryptic 29610

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