Please Help With Mr Mayer Today In St Cryptic!

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MarMatMal | 16:27 Sun 21st Feb 2021 | Crosswords
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Cant get anywhere with these in particular. Help most gratefully received. Tia.
2d Axes I throw back into remains of fire (9) a????????
15a Do get an agreement of mutual benefit (6,8) ????a?????????
5d Worried less about soccer training grounds (8,7) o???????,????s??
17d Religious festival managed to include a cross (7) ????d??
Again great thanks. Martin.


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2d Abolishes - 'I lob' (back, in) 'ashes'
15a Social contract - 'social (do; party) contract (get)'
5d Obstacle courses - anag 'less about soccer'
17d Ramadan - 'ran' (managed, to include) 'a mad' (a cross)
2 abolishes

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Please Help With Mr Mayer Today In St Cryptic!

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