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chokkie | 13:35 Sun 14th Feb 2021 | Crosswords
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Can only barely get started on this one - seems really tricky this morning!

4a raised platform out back in burn (8) ???f????

5d draw sword: replace another way (5-7) ????????????

20a might that be still belonging to me, a trawler at sea (7,5) ???e??? ?????

8d jog across the desert, p erhaps, for practice (3,3) ??? ???

17a US car notably breaking the law (12) ????????????

Many thanks in advance, Chox.


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17b Constabulary, the law, anagram
20 Mineral Water
8 Dry Run.
8d is dry run.
5d crowd pleaser
4a scaffold
Question Author
thanks so much folks, really appreciate your help, you've given me a really good start .... just scratching my head with this one today! Cheers, Chox.
Question Author
Just a smidgin more help, this morning, would be gratefully received ...

13a bill featuring in play, sycophant (5) ?o?d?

28a capital I invested in a report, wasted (8) p???a?i?

30a appreciation of music in big band style - might that cause offence (8) s???l?n?

24a note minister provided, passed to the left (5) ?i?e?

Cheers, Chox.
13 Toady, sycophant. Ad inside Toy.
24 Fiver, note. If Rev, both reversed.
28 Pretoria, capital, anagram of I report +a.
38 Swearing, that might cause offence. Swing, big band music, with Ear, appreciation, inside
Question Author
Thanks so much everyone, that's fantastic. Lastly, is 26d (4) "boar"
(heard,painful sound of wild animal) ?o?r

and is 22d (6) gasp, great idea! (?h?e?e)

Cheers, Chox.
22d wheeze
Question Author
or is 26d "roar" ....

Cheers, Chox.

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