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KathG | 19:58 Sat 13th Feb 2021 | Crosswords
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Need some help here. 12D has the clue Poetic Feature seen in Verse or Worse (5,5) I have _O_E/R_ _ _ E. Te second word may be Rhyme, but I am blanked out on what kind. 23A is USA pilot's nearly crashed on ground.(7,8) C_A_R_L __/_N_E_S_N. I think I have this but can't fully parse it. Charley Anderson is an anagram of nearly crashed, and tail-end Charley is USAF slang for a rear-gunner, but where Anderson comes in beats me. If this is right the second word in 12D is almost certainly Rhyme, as it crosses with the Y in Charley. Help much appreciated.


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Nearly crashed on anagram
12 Vowel rhyme?
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Thanks all

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Tls 1363 - Last 2

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