Listener 4646 Life By Hawk

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Hagen | 09:21 Sat 13th Feb 2021 | Crosswords
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I found the clues tough to the point of annoyance in the early stages, but it became easier as the thematic material revealed itself. I find this way of presenting the clues adds the extra obstacle of constantly having to go through the clues to find the one you want; and many of the clues are so long that it's hard to find any shape to them. Perhaps that's just me. The choice of extra words must have been limited, and it would no doubt have been hard to fit them into the clues. The constraints involved mean that one can forgive some of the surface readings looking like something James Joyce might have written after a session on the Guinness.

An impressive puzzle and the satisfying endgame is definitely worth it the graft. Bravo, Hawk.


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Thanks, Hagen.

Fair comments - maybe it was a tad overambitious!
Hawk - thought it was very impressive construction with some great clueing in there.

Although this is written with a bit of solver’s warm glow having cracked a real tough one ;)

I agree that some of the surface readings were strained, but having set a puzzle with double clues I understand how hard it is to make every pair read well, especially with constraints. The puzzle was superbly put together though, with pdms appearing just at the right time to provide a much-needed lift.

Wonderful challenge, thanks, Hawk.
Agree with everyone.

Thanks, Hawk.
Thanks Hawk - a genuinely tough challenge - and well worth the effort.
My word, that was tough.

Progress initially was very slow until I was confident I'd put certain answers in their correct place (one key entry held me up for quite a while until I realised it belonged elsewhere).

The clues were difficult but scrupulously fair and the endgame was excellent. Some unusual surface readings shouldn't detract from any well-deserved praise.

Thanks, Hawk.

Had me guessing until the end. Even with a completed grid, complete messages and, I hope, a correct solution to the extra clue, I had no idea what was going on until I started to piece together the quotation. Very fine construction
You had to attack this one, didn't you? The good thing was, it responded to the attacks so you felt you were getting somewhere.
Tough, but fair. Thanks, Hawk.

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Listener 4646 Life By Hawk

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