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lancashirelass | 11:22 Tue 26th Jan 2021 | Crosswords
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Am struggling with last few cryptiv]c cliques in Lovatt’s Crossword and Puzzle Collection no 132

across clues

12 Team on the way to create diversion (9) ????T???K

17 Showing no mercy like baseball without Babe (8) R?T????S

67 Teacher sure would appreciate more information from the start (5) S?A?I (can’t help thinking I’ve got some letters wrong)

Down clue
12 One of the first residents to pay up,right? (7) ??T???R

12A and 12D start with same letter


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17 Ruthless
67 Swami, teacher, first letters
17 Ruthless
12 Sidetrack - Side, team+ Track, way.
12 Settler - Settle +R.
12d settler
17 (babe)ruthless
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Thank you very much for your responses, much appreciated

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Help With Last Few Cryptic Clues - Lovatts

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