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chokkie | 13:16 Sun 24th Jan 2021 | Crosswords
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Really stuck on this one today ....

7a poem, while oddly cheery, funny (8) ?????h??

9a reportedly, you look for African country (6) ????d?

2d class: old, old actor (6) ?????o

11a figure in touch with lady losing heart, it's plain to see (8) ??????l?

Many thanks, Chox.


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7a clerihew
9a Uganda
2d Brando
11a patently
9a Uganda - you gander
Question Author
Many thanks, it's a really difficult one today - certainly it is for me! Cheers, chox.
Question Author
Hi again folks, just stuck on two - and would be grateful for some advice re two more, please ...

1d stop commercial message (4) ?l??

10a plan drawn up as result in range (6) ???n?a

And some advice, please re:

23a Way Tory grasps a hand (8) is it "straight" - and if so, why, please

21d bore set free, break down (6) is it "digest", please - and if so, why, please.

Many thanks, cheers, Chox.
21 (to)bore, Dig + anag, set
1d plug
10a agenda
st - street/way + T (tory) + a inside right (right hand)
whoops thats "not quite" right...
(way)st + right (tory) +a
right for Tory
Question Author
Thanks everyone, have been racking my brains for most of this morning ... couldn't see any of them for looking ... all done now thank goodness. Roll on tomorrow. Cheers, Chox.

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Sun Telegraph Cryptic 3092

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