1 Down Foreigner Running In Catalonia Out Of Bounds (7) L??????

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liztheone123 | 13:47 Fri 22nd Jan 2021 | Crosswords
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2 down Jokes about head of Government, enjoys gentle treatment (3,6) K?? ??????
4 down Ivy, say always eco-friendly (9) E???g????
9 across Law involves one in munitions (9) ????n????
11 across Sealed bid regularly turned over not working (4) ????
8 down It wasn't worth much in India whichever way you look at it (4) ???a

Can anyone help me please. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated


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4: Evergreen
8 Anna, small coin - it reads the same both ways.
8 Anna
2 Kid Gloves. Kid G Loves.
11 Idle, not working, reversed/alternate letters.
8: Anna
9 ordinance
1 Laotian, foreigner. Anagram of (C) Ataloni (A)
1d Laotian - anag '(C)ataloni(a)' (out of bounds)
2 kid gloves

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1 Down Foreigner Running In Catalonia Out Of Bounds (7) L??????

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