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Matakari | 09:48 Fri 22nd Jan 2021 | Crosswords
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Good morning, some help, answers/hints would be appreciated for
the following. Thanks in advance!
15 Arouse footballer with one run (6): O?S??R (OUSTER)
17 Inventor overheard attractive woman (4): ??IP
20 Number reserve seaside resort (4): NI?E (NINE )
35 Small vessel’s outline (6): AK???? ( Thought of SKETCH at first)
38 Like eagle’s head and wings (4): ??CE ( LACE )
44 Flesh-eating fish catch crone by a lake (11): ??A???EA???
19 Pans which may be on the house? (6): ???T??
21 Secretary rapid to get office in church (6): ??PA?? (PAPACY )
27 In Spenser, 5 role aunt plays (8): O???E?R? ( OUTLEARN )
33 Join endless assault on Hungary (6): ??T??? ( ATTACH/ATTACK )


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20 Nice, French resort - N, number and Ice, reserve.
5 Yes
33 Attac(k)h - so Attach.
Hints never seem to help and you have quite a few mistakes.
35 S Ketch
44 Sarcophagal
19 Slates, double definition.
21 Yes - PA +Pacy.
15 Bestor, arouse. Best, footballer + I R, one run.

17 Bell, inventor, sounds like Belle, attractive woman

I hope this big batch allows you to move forward, make progress... finish the rest!
Sorry about the Bestor typo, it should have been Bestir, as per the parsing.
Question Author
Many thanks, NACW, I'm on the way now!
Thanks, Matakari. Glad you're making progress. I hope you enjoy the rest, I hope too that you work out the 'clued light' mentioned in the preamble - last week's experience seemed to be more of a hindrance than a help to you!

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