Sunday Times Mephisto And Cryptic

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creamegg | 19:40 Sat 16th Jan 2021 | Crosswords
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Hi everyone

I wondered if I could ask a favour from someone. I love doing my crosswords but it has come to it that I can’t afford to buy the Sunday times and Sunday telegraph anymore. I work full time in the nhs but still it’s a struggle.

I wondered if anyone would take a picture of the grids and clues for me and email me them on a Sunday. Obviously I won’t be able to enter them but that’s fine as it is just the joy of completing them that I like.

Could anyone do that on a Sunday for me? If you can I should be able to print it out to do them for fun.

Is this possible?



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Both puzzles now accept email entries, and only email entries - so you can still enter. I can't send you photographed copies, but I hope someone will!
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Oh I think you need the original grid to enter so I’m not bothered about that, just hoping someone can help me out and I don’t get into trouble for asking
I think Lie-In King posts a batch of weekend puzzles, I'm not sure what's included. I don't think Answerbank editors like email addresses being given out.
You can access all of Telegraph Newspapers puzzles (including the Sunday ones) for £2.99 a month. You can also access a single puzzle each day free of charge (although I've experienced problems with the site when trying to do that on occasions). So that might be one possibility for you:

I only buy the Saturday edition of The Times so, regrettably, I can't help you. However (wearing my moderator's hat here) I'll ask that if you do post an email address on this site, you use one specially created for the purpose (rather than your regular email address). If you need a site to create a new email account, I recommend this one: . (When posting your new email address, it would probably be best to mention that it's a 'throwaway' one, so that an over-zealous moderator doesn't remove your post!)
Thanks for the email info, Buen. I hoped my little mention would ensure the OP didn't give out 'proper' stuff!
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Okay thank you for your advice and if anyone can help please leave a message here for me or pm me xxx
Another try...sunday telegraph gk and cryptic from a library will need to "click print", then click print custom area, move the green rectangle over the puzzle you want, then click print, then click print to paper size
If none of these work for you ...give your email and i'll email scans of them all to you...
telegraph ones ...sorry forgot to include it earlier...
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Hi Roslyn

I have tried all the links and they all need me to pay.

If you don’t mind sending them to me then this is the email, I don’t use it for anything important
[email protected]

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Sunday Times Mephisto And Cryptic

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