Listener 4642 Music Box By Tnap

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Hagen | 11:16 Sat 16th Jan 2021 | Crosswords
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I have searched extensively, but that doesn't mean there isn't a previous thread lurking that search can't find. I'll just say that I found this hard work, and add more if this really is the first thread.


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This was just about the right amount of work for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven't managed to find this particular version as yet, though I am happy that I know what is required. Brilliant grid. Thanks very much, tnap.

With regard to finding a Listener thread. A new post seems to take a while to appear in a search, but they do appear if you select Crosswords and look at the recent posts. At least that is what I have found.
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Thanks for the tip, Nick.

This is one of the best endgames I've seen for a long time, and the feat construction to create the grid is mind-boggling. For me the combination of unclued entries, an uncertain method of entry and discarded letters meant the grid offered too little feedback for some ferociously tough clues. I only managed to complete the grid by reverse engineering from the lyrics (which I got by guesswork), which I'm sure isn't what the setter intended.

Still, the superb endgame makes up (I think) for a solve which I found somewhat vexatious!
I'm not normally a fan of the circular grids, as the final construction's often a disappointment. Not so here. The endgame is very impressive indeed - thanks tnap!

I was only able to make progress on the theme once I had enough radials with three letters completed. This took many hours of cold solving, but it's nice to have a workout after the two easier-than-average starters this year.
That's more like it - a genuinely tricky gridfill (it only started to get a tad easier when I spotted the lyric from the a lucky run of discarded letters) and some very nicely disguised clues.

The final highlighting had me head-scratching for a while, it didn't fit my idea of the tune, but I'm now happy with my effort.

Thanks tnap - best of 2021 so far (and for quite a way back into 2020 too).
I started off grumpily - a "tune" doesn't have lyrics, that's a "song". Good hard workout followed. Until I ended grumpily, as the required tune was not what I recognised (the version I know can also be played on four notes). A welcome stretcher after some light jogging, though
I thought this was an excellent effort. A mixture of easy, medium and tough clues; an entry method that didn't give the game away too readily and, finally, an endgame which reminded me of a Duck Listener way back when.

I was impressed. Thank you, tnap.
The Duck puzzle I had in mind was, "Listener Crossword No. 3961: Invitation by Duck" from 22nd December, 2007 which had an interesting musical endgame as well.
A fairly challenging Listener was overdue, so I welcome this puzzle. The grid is excellent, and, as noted by emcee, a good mix of clues, the easier ones helping me to get off to a good start.

The version of the tune didn't match the one familiar from my childhood, though it didn't make me grumpy (pace Philoctetes). However, bashing out the notes on a virtual piano has given me an annoying earworm. This happened the last time there was a melodic Listener.
Great fun and a return to the classic Listener challenge.

Thanks, tnap.

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Listener 4642 Music Box By Tnap

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