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starmack | 12:52 Wed 06th Jan 2021 | Crosswords
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Any help appreciated to kick start a sluggish response at this end.

10 letters. See Muddy musician’s sulky look when piece of sea or lake seems to defy gravity.
?A???????? Is it waterspout.

10 letters. Put an end to Mafia organisation because of the assassination of a character.

8 letters. Identify, subject to forensic dissection, what was found in the northern woods.

11 letters. Could 2020’s lethal scourge mutate mutate and develop an appetite for our actual flesh.

7 letters. Though it’s easy to reshape it, scalp is damaged.

8 letters. To call a tightwad who holds back 60% of the cash a philanthropist would be wrong.


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yes, Muddy Waters- waters pout
7 plastic
Waterspout - yes Muddy "Waters" (Blues great) + pout
it scalp anagram plastic
8 conifers
8 mis nom er
10 Defamation
The last one looks like it might be +lit MISNOMER (MONey reversed inside MISER)
11 carnivorous
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Huge help. Thanks to all.

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