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Moil | 14:19 Mon 07th Dec 2020 | Crosswords
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Question a command to stop(4)?h??.
Visit everybody in study(4,2}???l??
Thought about one's being treated badly (7) ???????.
Concerned with the distribution of oats (7)???????.


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1 Whoa
2Call In
3 Misused
1 Could it be 'when'? That's a question and a command to stop as in 'say when' if pouring a drink.
When looks better.
2.Call on - all(everybody) inside con(study)
4 Is your count right?

As to
Are you sure of the letter pattern for 4?
As to (concerned with) anagram of oats.
Snap Lynne:-)
I prefer 'whoa' for 1

Who (question) + a
Ah, think I agree with Mamya's parsing of 'whoa' (sorry to cause confusion).
Me too now.
What about 2 Capt?
Agree with your parsing for No2 Danny (Study = CON)

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