Help With Parsing Again Please!

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michaeljhoward | 18:04 Sun 06th Dec 2020 | Crosswords
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Observer 3869 6 December 2020. Help to parse the following please:
'Looks for problems, finding Russian cash, heroin, cocaine's all around (13)'. I've got Troubleshoots but can only partly parse it.
'Low-quality Spanish wine consumed by personnel (5-4)'. I've got Tenth-rate but no idea why.

Thanks in advance


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Roubles H(eroin) in Toot's (Cocaine's)
Tent(wine) HR ate
Troubleshoots - 'toots' (cocaine's, round) 'roubles h(eroin)'

3. slang
any drug for snorting, esp cocaine

Tenth-rate - 'tent' (Sp. wine) 'HR' (personnel) 'ate' (consumed)
Roubles h (heroin) inside toots (cocaine’s)

Tent (Spanish wine) hr (personnel) ate (consumed)
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Thanks all - couldn't find a connection between Toots and drugs anywhere. Never heard of a wine named Tent! Cheers once again.

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Help With Parsing Again Please!

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