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Stewart55ad | 23:55 Fri 04th Dec 2020 | Crosswords
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ROWLES , five letters


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I', not disagreeing with you Sam but with some scrolling this page has... Rowle as Rule
00:10 Sat 05th Dec 2020
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Don’t understand the answer
cant find a link, but from my own essential scots dictionary the definition of rowle is, a flaky bread roll made with a lot of butter.
I', not disagreeing with you Sam but with some scrolling this page has...

Rowle as Rule
^ I'm
Found that link as well Mamya. Have opened the envelope with my crossword in it to have another look at the clue and grid.
Both "rules" and "rolls" fit the grid. Have even got my magnifying glass out to look at my battered old Scots dictionary to see if an "i" could look like a "l" and it still looks like a "l" However ...... I have found this
Which would suggest the answer is "rules" and would also suggest its maybe time I buy a new dictionary !! as the "i" looks to much like a "l" !!
I can understand the confusion Sam.
Single word clues don't help either Mamya.
Bit of tipp-ex, new envelope, fingers crossed.

Hope Stewart looks in again though !!
Yes, and someone asked earlier too.

I'll see if I can find that.
Question Author
Thanks for the research both, looks like the answer is rules not rolls
Now I'm more confused than ever !! The answer was "rolls" Can only think the "i" in the clue looked like an "l" like how it looked in my battered old essential scots dictionary, and the proper clue should have read "rowies (5)" !!
Thanks Sam, I was one of the ponderers on another thread about this.
Nice to know the outcome of these devious compilers.
Curiouser and curiouser.
Thanks cap'n and Mamya, hope this finds you both well ; ))
Yes thanks Sam, hope you are too x
Indeed it does, Sam, thank you - fighting fit and raring to go. Hope things are just as good north of your border. :))

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