Still Stuck On Sunday Times Cryptic

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MarMatMal | 13:29 Mon 30th Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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More assistance please.
5d Medium has spoken, lie about 'backbone' (5,5) m????/?i?r?
8d It concerns me if work is stopping me retirng (6)
1d 10 about to weep, which is most depressing (8) ??????s?
13d I understand song and dance maybe over street planner (10) ?t?a??????
Your help most gratefully received. Tia M.


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5d Moral fibre - 'm(edium) oral fib re (about)'
8d Egoism - 'go (work) is' (stopping; in) 'me' (retiring; up)
1d Bleakest - 'best' (outdo; 10a, about) 'leak' (weep)
13d Strategist - 'I get arts' (over; up) + 'st(reet)'

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Still Stuck On Sunday Times Cryptic

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