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Matakari | 09:19 Fri 27th Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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Good morning, Doc's "Triplets" is a tricky one today for the Unclueds.
Hints for the following would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

16 … and which gets first directed badly by this conductor (6, two words):
27 Rod’s letter is spoken of (3) : C?? (CUE ) ?
29 Aristocrat turning almost clownish (4) : G?RD
42 Fees for song by Blackman (9) : HON???RI? ( HONORARIA )?
46 Franco-English waters at isle in Essex (6) : ?E?SEA (REDSEA ) ?

33 King directed towards new robe first (6): OB?R?? ( OBERON ) ?


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27 Yes
29 Your G is wrong. Lord - Drol(l)

42 Yes _ Honor +aria
46 Mersea, isle in Essex. mer = sea in French.
16 Your G is wrong. Take the answer to the preceding clue, put the first letter of Directed in it and anagram it.
Sorry, Matakari, I gave answers to some - not disastrous as you often return for those anyway! The theme is very straightforward and the title is a huge help. I'm sure you'll manage it!
Question Author
Many thanks, Neveracrossword, I think I'm on to Doc
now with his triplets, though I see some twins as well.
Just a verification:

-Is my 33D (OBERON) correct?
-43A begins with T ? ( 43 Fashion queen’s beauty product (5)
-45A begins with S ? ( 45 Streaks, as a dirty campaigner does (6)
Yes to 33 - On = towards, with anagram (new) of Robe, inside. Yes to 43 and 45 - both, like most of the clues in this puzzle, are very straightforward.
Question Author
Thanks, Neveracrossword! Have a great weekend!
Thanks, Matakari. Glad you had nowhere near as many problems with this one!
Question Author
Thought I'd finished this one, but still have two Unclueds
that seem elusive: 44A and 38D.

*For 44A, I have: ?OS?T?ICK A previous thread recommends a start with the letter J, but I can find nothing, perhaps it's in Chambers?
* And for 38D, I have ?RRR, and it seems there are many possibilities.Any hints?
And I’m stuck with one last one - 30 down. Could I ask for help?
Matakari, 44across is nearly right but the “T” is in the wrong place, preventing the succession of consonants.
Question Author
Thanks, Boethius! For 30D, I got CIRRATE (having tendril), but
if my T is in the wrong place, I can't see what else to go there!
38D is correct. Think of being cold.
Question Author
Thought of that for 38, but also thought of a G...
How can we be sure if it's G or B?
Matakari, there are several unclued entries that have options. You'll just have to choose one for those if you plan to enter.
Question Author
Ok, I thought as much, Neveracrossword!
The last one! If my T is wrong, then it means
my 30D Cultivating first Irish flower with tendrils (7) is incorrect?
Thanks, Matakari. No, you need the C, cultivating first, then Irish, then a very common flower. The definition is 'with tendrils'.
Question Author
Yes, CIRRATE is another word for it! Many thanks again, Neveracrossword! I'm done with this one!
Thanks, Matakari. Are you sure - that you're done - this time?!
Question Author
Hi,hi, hi, positive, this time, Neveracrossword!
Thanks, Matakari. You seemed so close to finishing this morning, it was a bit surprising to see you struggling many hours later!

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