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Gissing | 07:41 Wed 25th Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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8D Row around tip of bleak Scottish island to see Tacy's pal (3, 6) T???U?L?R
10A Small book popular all over in Writer's Tips (4) N???
25A Old lady going around peforming as an Angie Mitchell look-a-like (4) If the answer is MONA, how does the clue work?


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10a nibs
Mona Lisa?????
Old lady is MA
around performing ON.
Which I guess was the part you knew.
No idea what the rest of the Q is about.
Mona - on(performing) inside ma(old lady)
should 8d be Tracy's pal?
Question Author
Got it now. Angie Mitchell is a character in William Gibson's novel Mona Lisa.
so was right of a sorts......
Question Author
It is Tacy, not Tracy.
8 tib muller

Tier around b(leak) mull
never heard of it....
Question Author
Thank you everyone. All sorted now.
^lol, just got that. I was so pleased with myself. :-(

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Tls 1352

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