Radio Times Prize Crossword 48 Tuesday November 17Th 2020

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rtxwdtrier | 12:14 Fri 20th Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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Two 5-letter words still to do:
6d "Quickly gather for jam" _ L _ C _ seen as both BLOCK and FLOCK and I've read the earlier posts: both mean jam but neither fits with Quickly; and
24a "Positively evident" _ L _ I _ possibly PLAIN but how does that relate to Positively?


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Flock ( gather)
But why QUICKLY dannyk13? and if jam = lock where do's the F come from??
scroll down to 'words related to'
Question Author
Sorry dannyk, I don't see anything about Quickly in that link - or have I missed it?
I think that you are overthinking the clues.Flocking together often indicates that a crowd is quickly gathering. e.g they flocked to see such a sight.
The link is referring to flock = jam
Question Author
Thanks, you may be right! Possibly the same for PLAIN?
I do worry that this is simply a poor clue with more than one 'valid' answer. I don't think Block or Flock are great answers, and I have a couple of other suggestions, which are also not great answers, but possibly valid ones.
I was possibly thinking 'Click', as in to suddenly gather in terms of getting an idea 'the idea just clicked' and then jamming/clicking things (jigsaw pieces) together. I was also thinking possibly 'Pluck' as in to quickly gather a hair or feather and also to pluck strings of a musical instrument (e.g guitar) as in a musical 'jam' (jamming sessions). I still think all 4 answers are equally dubious which I think reflects the poor quality of the clue rather than our potential answers...
Question Author
Thank you all. No definitive answer to 6d it seems. I wonder whether the setter got his musical terms wrong and thought f (for forte) meant quickly rather than loudly!

Nobody has responded on 24a, unfortunately.
Again I think you are possibly overthinking the clues.I think that plain is a more forceful adjective in some cases.
Evident, scroll down to synonyms:-
Plain, see definition 4.
F= for, as opposed to against, and LOCK= jam.
I too have been struggling with these two answers. Somewhere at the back of my mind is the idea that blocking is a tailoring term. Could this link to "quickly gather"?
Blocking in that context is flattening rather than gathering.

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Radio Times Prize Crossword 48 Tuesday November 17Th 2020

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