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Matakari | 19:56 Thu 19th Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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Good evening! Happy to have made great progress with Smurf.
I found the theme pretty straightforward, but I’m stuck on two
clues. For 3(D), I’m not sure if I got the parsing right:

3 Make new cart with ease, so to speak (6) : CREA?E = (CREATE ) ?
A HINT, please!
7 Inflammation left one in situ, being withdrawn (6) : U?I?I?


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3 Look at the word ease and think what it sounds like.
7 Make an anagram of situ and l 1 (i)
Question Author
Many thanks, Cashier, I had CREASE at first for 3 (D),
but didn't think it was so obvious. I'm done now.
Question Author
Good Saturday morning,
Just a confirmation for this one, Cashier! The sound of crease?

3 Make new cart with ease, so to speak (6): CREASE
Is this right? Thanks!
Question Author
Got it, I think I was right all along with CREATE!
That's it!
Matakari, Make new was the anagram indicator, so 'cart' got scrambled along with EE, ease, so to speak. You already had CREA?E. Your mind must have taken a funny turn, it wasn't the hardest clue you've tackled over the years!
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When I first asked for help, Neveracrossword, I thought CREATE, but could not parse. Now I see it and I'm done! Thanks!

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