12 Sunday November 15Th 2020

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Carmel100 | 16:42 Sun 15th Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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Thank you for responses to my three recent queries, of which two were only partly expressed. Apologies for misleading you. Here's a second attempt to submit the two incomplete questions.
1. clue 1 across: seven letters M?S?S?D: "thought about one's being treatey badly"

2. clue 7 across: twelve letters: ??????P???R? clue: Railway lines


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1 Misused. Mused, with Is inside.
1 misused - mused around is (one’s)
What is giving you the p in 7a?
Is this Messenger 12 ?

Someone posted a different clue for 7a I'm sure.
The pattern for 7a was very diffrent , M?T?H?T?S? when you asked earlyer?? Thats only 10 though. Have you printed the full clue, its shorter than the answer!!
Sorry, missed the latest answer from Mamya-lynn, am jumping between carmels 2 posts

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12 Sunday November 15Th 2020

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