The Spectator # 2483

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Matakari | 09:26 Sat 14th Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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Good morning, all, though finding extra words in the clues is
not my bag of tea, I’m happy to declare that I’ve cracked
ALL of the Unclueds except the following:

15(A) ?AR?N?A
6(D) MA?L?

For 21 ( A ), I have LARBOARD
and 28 (A ) SHARE, but cannot find the corresponding clues with
the extra words.
Your help would be appreciated, thanks!


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28 try shore
21 look at 29a
21 look at 29a
28 try shore
Can you help with 24 - I have mentalism but cannot find the definition or anagram!
15A your N is wrong and the meaning is alien
Question Author
Many thanks, Dredd, sorry about 28, I had SHORE but inadvertently
typed SHARE.

In a previous thread, IDEALISM (39A ) is given for”Mentalism”
I think.

It seems I still have two clues incorrect that prevent me from solving
15 ( A ). Help with these, please:

9 ( A ) Medic with hate for compound medication (4) ARYL?
10 ( D ) Caribou from somewhere in Saskatchewan (5): RE?N? ( I had RENNE )
Matakari, your 9 is ... Dr Ug
10, In the clue - 9D should be enough (I hope!) for you to see it!

Question Author
Many thanks, Neveracrossword, I think that's it now!
Is my 21 (LARBOARD) good?
This was a real challenge!
Thanks, Matakari. Yes, Labrador is fine. Yes, this one was a real challenge - I'm not surprised you had a few difficulties!
Question Author
Thanks, Neveracrossword ! Have a great weekend!
Dredd (if you're still looking for the anagram) - It's a Swiss one and starts SI...

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The Spectator # 2483

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