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hankir | 17:56 Thu 12th Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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(May have an extra word)

16 Rugged harrier names ruthless smuggler (10, hyph) likely 4, 6. Thought the NARC's target but does not fit

41.Very Scotch tanagers flying in: item in theatre-in-the-round? (10, two wds)

46. Ayrshire’s not yielding milk in old age (4)

8d. Month plant disease cutdown bean plants (5)



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41 Eild, definition in Chambers.8 Abrus, bean plants.
16 Fell Runner.
41. 5,5 - part of a theatre. Anagram of 'tanagers' and a short, two-letter, Scottish word meaning 'very'. The second word is very guessable!
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Thanks NAC.

I could not figure out where Fell is coming from. Still cannot parse 16.

I have unclueds 1a and 21a. Anagrams of both give me two of a kind.
Still trying to figure out the rest.
Hankir, fell can mean ruthless, it's in Chambers. Runner, ruthless smuggler, Fell Runner is rugged harrier (spot the extra word!).
1 A and 21 A are very specific, the theme itself is more ... general.

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