The Week Crossword 1224 Answers To 6D, 7D, 25A

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AnneOL | 15:00 Thu 05th Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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Has anyone got the answer s to these please


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have you the clues, as not everyone does the cross word...
Clues please?
That issue was back in August, check the search box if you are unwilling to provide the clues.
6d Escort fellow working to protect Her Majesty (8)

7d Separate gin one's served up (5)

25a Goes for income (8)
6 Chap ER on

7 Apart - A + trap,up

25 Proceeds
Lynne, as the OP is asking for answers you could supply them.
Sorry, crossed posts.:-)
Question Author
Since my original questions I have now managed to solve 5 across and 7 down. But I still can't solve 6 down 'Escort fellow working to protect her majesty' and 25 across 'goes for income' - can anyone help?
Both answered above @ 14:23 Tue 5th
So you havnt even looked at the answers given above then?

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The Week Crossword 1224 Answers To 6D, 7D, 25A

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