Cryptic Crossword 23D (That's The Clue )

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golddust5 | 19:49 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | Crosswords
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R?C ? L? last one. Thanks in advance.


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was there a clue 23?
Question Author
The answer to 23D RTE Guide X word is Riddle .

So we're looking for an answer with a 3-1-2 letter pattern, yes?
If its just a plain and simple 6 letters then Riddle nearly fits here to apart from your C
Did 23d have a clue?
cashier, ''(That's The Clue )''
Am confused. Dont know what the clue number is we'er trying to solve but a thought the clue was "23D". Are you saying the clue is "that's the clue" ellimay1?
I agree with Ellie

I think the clue reads like this.

23d (That's the clue) 6
ok ta. But goldudt said the answer to 23d was Riddle. So am still confused. (Dosn't take much)
Agree with Elliemay and Mamya. I think if golddust15, at 20.09 had said
' The answer is 'riddle' (my 'C' in initial letter pattern was incorrect)'

it would have been clearer.
bob, whilst you are on (and I know we don't pick up on grammatical errors on AB, but) why do you always use 'a' when you mean 'I'? (just curious). :))
Aye aye captain, a think your right with riddle. Its certainly been a riddle to me.
Question Author
Thanks for all input to 23D. To recap the clue is : Cryptic Question and the ans appears is Riddle going by the letters from other clues.
Ok it confused me and your clue now thats diffrent to the clue in your title and diffrent to the clue others said it is, so its a riddle allright
The best way to have written that would have been.

23d Cryptic question (6)

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Cryptic Crossword 23D (That's The Clue )

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