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stevenj | 11:32 Sun 25th Oct 2020 | Crosswords
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Boy did I struggle yet again! I’ve just about finished but , like before, some answers are because they fit and meet the definition part of the clue....
I’d like a Master Class please.
8d Just leave odd parts for Henry Archer. With the letters I have ( the first one, c, perhaps doubtful) the answer could be ‘ cuter’ which, with a stretch, could be said to be archer. But it’s a stretch. And I don’t get the rest anyway.
11 d calm as king must be prior to being taken to castle. I have u?m?s?d ( again the u depends on an answer I’m not sure about. But I can’t think of a word that fits.
15 ac The crossword editor retained by Express is dull. I have s?m?y . So the answer could be samey which my friend uses but I’m not sure is a word. Anyway is being the same dull?

There we go . Help needed please



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15 Crossword editor = ME inside (retained) by SAY = (to) express
11 Unmoved, calm. The 'king must be prior to castle' will be a chess term.
11d is 'unmoved'
Question Author
Thanks. I should have guessed it was a chess term ( king ,castle) but I still wouldn’t have got it. One of my intersecting answers is wrong. Back to the drawing board! And is cuter right please? If so why
Thanks, stevenj. Yes, Cuter is right, it's a synonym for Archer. The parsing involves Cut, just leave odd parts, then h E n R y.
Cut E and R from HENRY to leave only the odd parts
Yes, I think it must be CUTER
Just leave - Cut
Odd parts of Henry - ER (but actually they're the 'even' parts!)
Cuter - Archer, ie more arch

Some strange duff clues in this week's Jumbo, I thought.
It isn’t duff:
When you cut the even parts you leave the odd parts, as it says
Question Author
Thanks. Sorry to push my luck, but I have one more query please
25 down Give in to the French; what’s expected. I have e?d?e.
Cut ER = leave just the odd letters of Henry
Question Author
Very many thanks to you all! A Master Class indeed!

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