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Anneyelland | 11:07 Sun 25th Oct 2020 | Crosswords
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Struggling this morning - must be hour change.

24a Suites written by Bach - 6 letters f?????

20d Type - 7 letters s???i?s

25d Back wrote a piece for more than 1 5 letters ??o?r Choir ???

Many thanks for any help


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24 French
25 is choir
24a fugues
looks like it's french :-)
mind you i can't parse it?
got it now
Oh, just when I had a wiki link for you:)
Question Author
Many many thanks - you have saved mty sensity - what there is left of it !
Question Author
That should have read 'sanity' - see what I mean !
You're welcome, we all have days like that :)
^ only if it ends in y . . .

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