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lesmond | 13:32 Sat 24th Oct 2020 | Crosswords
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Last one, not

seeing this at all!!

26a) Convenience store primarily secures money with one cash handling company (6) l*o*i*

Can you please parse, thank you in advance!


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Loomis - 'loo (convenience) s(tore; primarily)' (secures) 'm(oney) i (one)'

Also, one of the characters played by 5d.

Loo (convenience) s(tore) around m(oney) I (one)
Loomis (a cash handling company, apparently)
LOO (convenience) + S[tore] containing M[oney] and I (one)
Loomis - loo(convenience) + m(money) +i(one) +s(ecures)

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