Listener 4630 Tip-Top Condition By Twin

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upsetter | 18:18 Fri 23rd Oct 2020 | Crosswords
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Absolutely brilliant idea and execution.

Thanks, Twin.


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I agree, wonderful.

Thanks, Twin.
Agree with the above. The simple but ingenious endgame is the result of absolutely brilliant construction. It must have taken many hours of work to produce this gem. Bravo. Twin!
Very neat and tidy. Some tough clues in places but they were a joy to unravel.

Excellent. Many thanks, Twin.
Made me laugh out loud
An unusual idea, very nicely implemented. The clues are excellent.
Well there's a POTY contender for sure. Utterly sublime. Many thanks Twin.
And of course to begin with I thought how clever that setter and editors had collaborated with a publication date so that it worked out. But then of course the penny dropped that they could actually put this puzzle online anytime they saw fit. Gave me another chuckle.
Full agree with the above - a very clever idea, meticulously clued. I'd never have imagined so many words could be used in this way.

Thanks, Twin!
Cruncher, the sell-by date for this puzzle is 22 January 2089. None of us needed to worry.
Such a joy. I'm still smiling!
Agree. Absolute gem.
Great fun.
Disappointing that this wasn't held back until January 2246.
Or 2089, whichever is sooner :/
Lovely. I especially enjoyed going back over the wrong letter clues, a couple of which were startlingly ingenious. Many smiles - thanks twin!
Well that was an absolute stunner - a pleasure to re-read the treated clues afterwards

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Listener 4630 Tip-Top Condition By Twin

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