Espalier And Some To Train Up It, Badly Installed. 7 Letters

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freeston99 | 11:04 Thu 22nd Oct 2020 | Crosswords
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ill (badly) reversed inside Tre(lli) s
Question Author
many thanks danny
Could it be 'tre ill e' - I don't follow the 'inside tres' idea (but then 'tree' is singular, so why 'some')?
Maisie, I read some as referring to part of trellis
Possibly, dannyk13 - although the, 'up it' part is badly placed for that to work (but I don't really like 'treille' either).
Does not up it relate to ill being reversed? Whatever is correct I thiunk it is a bad clue, and I'm not fond of setters using foreign words unless there is some indication of that.
Treille is in Chambers - 'a trellis' (but, yes, it is French).
I agree, it's an odd clue if that's how it reads - because 'up' should come after 'it' to reverse 'ill', i think (also, is 'installed' strictly necessary after 'some'?).
It would help to know where the puzzle comes from.
I prefer treille, as in "tree" = "some[thing] to train up it", although I also agree that it's a rotten clue. In the interpretation above, why not actually use the word "something"?
Just hope that the crossers will indicate which answer is correct.
A think the clue do's say sOMETHING not some as it did when it was used a few year's ago
Am no good at these criptic crosswords but a can use Google
Thank you Bob, that settles it,I hope feeston comes back to this thread.
Well remembered, bobbinwales (and from 2011 - that's some memory you have!!).
My memories like a goldfish, the only way a can help with crosswords (except sports ones) is to type the clue's into Google and may be claim the answer as mine
lol Bob
Well, they do say everything comes around again.
I'm confused by the options, especially as I can't get to 7d, Burdensome field study, L?A???
Field = LEA + DEN = study

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Espalier And Some To Train Up It, Badly Installed. 7 Letters

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