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Matakari | 15:11 Tue 15th Sep 2020 | Crosswords
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Trying to crack this one, but am stuck on the following. Answers please with parsing if possible. My thanks in advance!
2 Ablutions a burden - I suffered internally (7) : A??????
3 Put sailor up for accommodating - say - marine gatherings (8): T??????T
9 Loose sodium compound involving oxygen cleared in chimney (7): TC?????
13 Period of history in Libya revealing African defence system (6): ????S?
19 Disorderly woman once accepted by congregation is no longer peevish (7): ??O??L?
21 Picked up sailors stuck in local millrace (6):???R??
22 Statement in response: adopting Liberal, not Conservative (7):??????E


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Is that the puzzles set voluntarily (ie with no payment) by the setters? I remember one setter, organiser, being rather disappointed by requests for help...
Are there any special instructions eg change a letter ?

Marine gatherings are "regattas" but the wordplay gives "regattes"
set (put) tar (sailor) reversed surrounding eg(say)
Eight clues contain a redundant word or words not necessary for solving. These words define the eight otherwise unclued entries, which exhibit minor variations that enable them to fit in the spaces available and also accommodate answers to eight normal clues which seem not to fit. Numbers in brackets give the number of cells available for the answer.
Question Author
I do not know if it's set voluntarily...but it's known as the Crossword Centre...the link:
Thanks Mamya!
Matakari, thanks. I've seen a couple of upset setters, organisers recently - one even used the word 'scurrilous' of people who've sought help! Still, AB is a useful resource for people who want help regardless...

PS It is always good to give the special instructions.
2 - 'I' + (3 letters) 'suffered'/allowed [inside a 4 letter word for 'burden' (or, more usually, 'to carry')]- it's a thematic answer, 7 letters long.
3 - is 'eg' inside (3 letters) 'sailor' upwards [ends with 'put'/plonked
upwards] thematic answer - 8 letters
9 - O(xygen) + [3 letters] 'cleared' (inside [4 letters] 'chimney').
13 - (3 letters) 'period of history' inside LAR.
19 [extra word - 'lapwing'] (4 letters) 'congregation'/sheep [outside] 'disorderly woman'/a slope (4 letters) - thematic answer - 8 letters
21 RN for 'sailors' inside 'millrace' (dialect) - def 'picked up'/discovered.
22 a word for 'response' (8 letters) take out the 'c' and put L in a different place for def 'statement'/narrative.
This is a tough puzzle, Matakari - good luck with it.
...and only 21 has the correct letter, the rest should be -
2 - starts A
3 - starts R ends S
9 - starts FL
13 ends R
19 ??A??O (and think hard about how it ends - it's a thematic entry).
22 ends N
...sorry - your 2 starts with 'a' - it should start with T.
... and 2d is an 8 letter thematic entry (not 7 letters) sorry
...should have said - 9 is also a thematic answer (8 letters).
Question Author
Thanks, Professor Maisie, I realise this is a tough puzzle, that's why I asked for answers to get me going!
...I've just seen JJ109's answer for 9 which is almost right (it's SAT not SeT that's reversed on the end).
If you're still stuck on some of these in 30 mins time, post again and I'll give the answers.
Question Author
I'm tempted to abandon, ProfessorMaisie, as I seem to be out of my league here, but give me the answers and I'll try again to see how far I can get...Thanks in advance!
Question Author
ProfessorMaisie, I'm hooked on this puzzle now. Some verification, please...Am I right with the following?
- The redundant words for the following: 2 Internally, 3 accommodating, 9 chimney, 19 disorderly ?
Thanks again in advance!

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Minor Variations By Phi ( Crossword Centre )

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