Listener 4624: World-Beating By Kea

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NickorWan | 20:19 Fri 11th Sep 2020 | Crosswords
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Lovely, thanks, Kea. I really enjoy this type of puzzle so it was always going to please me, but add to that terrific clues (as you might expect) and for me that’s perfect. The final highlighting took me a bit longer to see than it should have done, but seemed obvious once I spotted it.

Hope everyone is keeping well.


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As Nick says, superb clues. It took a few guesses of what went where before I hit lucky and was able to enter answers with confidence. A quirky but interesting theme - I've never seen anything quite like it before. Thanks, Kea.
Couldn't agree more, I enjoy carte blanches and this was a great example of the genre and after a few cold solves it was easy to make headway. No grid staring, no ambiguity. Excellent, thanks Kea.
No more than you would expect from Kea. I had most clues solved but really struggled to start filling the grid. Once I got started and twigged what the theme was, the grid filled quickly and a few minutes grid staring got me the theme.
........ not sure now if my 'no more than' means the compliment I meant it to be.
I was indeed surprised how quickly the grid filled once I had taken the plunge. About 25 clues cold-solved first. Another good puzzle
That was great fun, with some very tough clues. I loved the penultimate one.
Superb puzzle -- enjoyed every moment of it. I even challenged myself to see how many I could cold-solve before attempting to place any in the grid.

Kea really is in a class of his own.
Thoroughly enjoyable. I thought the Ringo clue was absolutely brilliant - I can't think of a better one. Thank you Kea for that especially.

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Listener 4624: World-Beating By Kea

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