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starmack | 09:00 Thu 03rd Sep 2020 | Crosswords
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Any help appreciated.

11 letters. Put a little money in Eurozone before England’s leaders sign for major commemorative occasions.

10 letters. It is instrumental in putting on a gig in a situation like this.

9 letters. Make a big noise in mess, or in toilet it’ll be rank.
??M???O?? Is it commodore?

7 letters. Whether hot or cold, mother’s involved in keeping it so.

10 letters. Is sergeant in trouble with lesser members of Orange order?


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9.Commodore - or inside commode(toilet)
Yes..commod or e
9 yes rank (commodore) = "or" in "commode" (toilet)
A big noise (a senior officer) in 'a services mess"
10 Tangerines
Thermos - anagram of mothers.
7 Thermos

Concert in a
10 concert in a
11 centenaries
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Thanks to all. Post disappeared off my screen, couldn’t find it, even using search.

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