I Must Collect New Bags

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alsnru | 13:47 Sat 15th Aug 2020 | Crosswords
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21 down I must collect new bags

Is it Thebes or Rhodes? I can't parse either :(


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Is perhaps Chios the setter of this puzzle?
Roslyn, thanks for that - I was wondering how Chinos worked (apart from the bags, trousers, bit)!
Chinos - 'Chios' (I[sland], must collect) 'n(ew)'
Chinos - n(new) inside Chios(Island)
Thanks, Lie-In King and Danny - all is now revealed!
NAC - it’s a thematic puzzle so only makes sense if you know the theme
Thanks, Toorak - I'd thought the OP had mistakenly shown I rather than Island.

PS I think it's good to include information about thematic stuff. Those of us without the puzzle can be at a serious disadvantage!

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I Must Collect New Bags

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