Looking For Help Parsing A Clue.

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Sparkles62 | 14:29 Wed 05th Aug 2020 | Crosswords
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Looking for help parsing a clue please.
Prince and queen holding on, displaying calmness, the answer is PLEGM. ......but why?


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P for prince, M for majesty around leg, onside in cricket.
Isn't it Phlegm, with HM, Her Majesty, queen?

P + HM round Leg
Surely the word for calmness is phlegm
P(prince) + leg (on) inside HM (Her majesty)
Forgot about the H for HM. Sorry.
It wasn't in the answer offered Jack.
Didn't have you down as dropping your Aitches, Jack. ;0))
Jackdaw, I'd assumed that for you - I think the ugly-looking 'Plegm' in the OP distracted you!
Question Author
Thank-you everyone for the explanation, apologies for missing the H out, my fingers aren't too good.

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Looking For Help Parsing A Clue.

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