Can Somebody Explain Why Sore Means Being Rude On Vacation Please?

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clueless123 | 07:20 Mon 27th Jul 2020 | Crosswords
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Can somebody explain why sore means being rude on vacation please?
Many thanks


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Could you give us the original clue ?
What is the full clue please? On vacation sometimes means having some letters removed
Question Author
Angry and very rude on vacation
was it something like "HURT WHEN SO RUDE ON VACATION"
there you go- SO R(UD)E
Definition is angry = sore
and = so + anagram of er (v)er(y)

Ok so one had to change 'very' for 'so', which is a bit off, but then where did the 'du' go & why ?
ignore me :-)
Or the 'vy' then.
You weren't there
The word rude when vacated to leave outer letters = RE
aelvpmw is interesting but doesn't explain the 'rude' bit
it's rude that's vacated = re ... i think
and very = so
Your SO (v)ER(y) works I think, ael, if 'rude' is taken to be an anagram indicator
So r(ud)e
^ wish i'd done that in the first place :-)

Ah, I now see. Thanks. Interesting. I would never have equated vacated with removing the middle letters. But the 'very' change to 'so' would have stumped me anyway. Without a hint that a substitution is required I'd consider it one layer of cryptology too much for me. (Next thing one knows one will be expected to know to substitute all the words in a clue to make another different cryptic clue to try to work out ;-) )
I feel like that some days, OG. :-)

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Can Somebody Explain Why Sore Means Being Rude On Vacation Please?

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