Ev 1438

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hankir | 15:02 Mon 08th Jun 2020 | Crosswords
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Two clues:

2. Wrap up and conceal features round mouth (6)

32. Misdemeanant wants this snack to be served up by inns before end of August (7)

I have added the same letter in perimeter.

My knowledge of this kind of music is probably close to zero. Some heavy hints on who the pairs is or the song.



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32 The answer is a fairly trendy snack. Take 'inns' and the usual 'end of August' out of misdemeanant and unscramble it.

2 Muffle, wrap up.

It's an awful song - probably once heard, never forgotten!
the pair are each 4's in the top right ...don't think you'll have heard of them hankir'll probably have to google the song
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Thanks NAC and ros.

I tried to find a singer in the grid. Could not.

The grid is done.
I will wait two weeks to see who they are.

You are looking for a double act. One half of it passed away in 2018.

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Ev 1438

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