Azed 2504

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hankir | 14:12 Sun 07th Jun 2020 | Crosswords
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Two Clues:

7. Constellation as above alongside Libra aloft (5)

18. Umbellifer mostly replaced when there’s raw mist around (8)



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7 Lupus
I haven't completed it yet but for 18d I have
_ _ R _ _ _ A _
if that is any use to you
By the way, I can't parse LUPUS except it is a constellation in the night sky next to Libra. I also have the letters _ UPUS.
"Up" is there but I can't parse the rest!
Question Author
Thanks JJ109.

I have still 4 to go.

But Robot is two letters for travel plus three letter acronym for moon craft.
US (ut supra, 'as above') following ('alongside') L ('Libra', pound sterling) UP ('aloft').
Thanks Hankir that may help me with the SE corner now!
18 - a five-letter word meaning 'placed again' ('replaced') with the last letter removed ('mostly'), having a four-letter local (Scottish/Eastern England) word for a sea-mist ('raw mist') outside ('around'). The 'replaced' word is more often used in the sense of 'restored to its initial state'.
Don't know about the word in Scotland but locally the word for a raw mist is Haar if that helps.

I rather think it might ;-)
It would have done, but I had already got it by then thanks, Danny.
Thanks for the clue Spoffy
Ah, they don't break words up in this do they not?

Question Author
Thanks all.
I had that word but google said it means a fly.
Always look up TCD.
Question Author
Still 4 remaining.

What is the first letter of 17a.

Hear this for anguish, Charley?(5) ?ACHE

Also a hint on 25d.

Musician not following another (5) L??E?

17 - think of five letters to put after HEAR that will produce a word for anguish.
What 4 letter instruments begin with L?
add an R to the end
25 - Remove a one-letter abbreviation for 'following' from the start of a word for a player of one instrument to get the player of another. Both are more familiar with '-ist' endings.
Mamyalynne - in barred puzzles such as Azed, Listener etc it's the practice to enumerate hyphenated answers, and those containing apostrophes, as simply the total number of letters to be entered. I haven't done the Spectator puzzle for many years, but I think it may be an exception to this rule.
Question Author
Thanks spoffy and JJ.

Should have looked up Charley. Facial hair. Who knew?

Now need the first letter of 33a. Will try to find it.
'sins' is a reversed plural, so...

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Azed 2504

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