Listener 4610 Tale Of The Unexpected By Lath

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perseverer | 11:47 Sat 06th Jun 2020 | Crosswords
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A comparatively easy grid-fill this week though events have rather overtaken the relevance at the moment. It does take a bit of inspiration to figure out the precise nature of the event and either fairly specialist knowledge (or Google in my case) to get the necessary information. I have found the successful participant in the grid, but not sure it's the way intended. Thanks Lath.


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My idea for the winner was just too cryptic. The correct way is pretty straightforward!
Agreed, a refreshingly straightforward puzzle after last week's... er, hard work. I made it more difficult for myself as I forgot about the initial letters (too much beer) and found the theme by staring at the grid!

I think there is an ambiguity concerning one of the cells through which the shape should pass. Anyone else agree?
That's more like it! Not a subject that interests me, but that doesn't stop it being an enjoyable puzzle. Some very pleasant clues and a nice twist. Yes, there is an ambiguity, but choosing one or the other preserves the required shape. Another one where non-internet solvers without the special interest could be flummoxed, though
Grid complete - numbers solved - shape highlighted - important men decoded - just need some help of locate winner’s name in grid please!
Is it just me, or is the location of the seventh letter of the highlighted message ambiguous? Using either of the two vertically adjacent letters gives a reasonably rough approximation of the shape of the location.
Yes Fyellin, that’s what I was referring to, and Philoctetes too, I assume.

Much as I enjoyed the puzzles, the answer to the dummy clue perfectly describes my attitude to the subject!
Jolly good - hard grid to get started on (possibly my bad back distracting me) - but then steady progress to a full entry.

Then a bit of anagramming to get the location and spot the event in the grid, then a quick google/wiki to find the protagonists.

A classic Listener - more like this please!

Thanks Lath

PS - I agree about the ambiguity - surely both must be acceptable?
How do I find the important men?
Dummy clue ...
Sorry - preamble specified that - dummy clue re-arranged
I would be grateful if direct help is refrained from here. There is an understanding here that this sort of help is reserved for the www.crosswordsolver forum, and that this thread is for a general discussion of the quality of the puzzle.
That should read for those interested in seeking help.


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Listener 4610 Tale Of The Unexpected By Lath

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