Sunday Times Cryptic 4904

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NeilMunro | 11:17 Sun 24th May 2020 | Crosswords
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Very grateful for all help with these clues please.
1dn: “Sky over wolf (4).”
3dn: “To lead gunners, some Nazis will offer big guns (3,5).”
9dn: “Pull up when one’s dropped anchor (4).”
15dn: “Pin and clip secured by the knotted wire (9).”


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9 ho(I)st
1d Lobo - 'lob (sky) o(ver)'
3d Top brass - 'to Pb (Lead) R(oyal) A(rtillery) SS (Nazis)'
9d Ho(i)st
15d Telegraph - 'leg (pin) rap (clip)' (in) anag 'the'
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Many thanks!!!

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Sunday Times Cryptic 4904

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