Listener Crossword No 4607 Observe The Globe By Awinger

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perseverer | 11:12 Sat 16th May 2020 | Crosswords
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Title and setter's name (coincidental?) gave big clues to the subject matter, and plenty of thematic material incorporated in resolving the clashes. Interesting clue gimmick especially in the down clues.
What's not to like - thanks Awinger.


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Sorry Perseverer, this came up whilst I was typing on the other thread!
Just what a Listener should be - bafflement until the penny dropped and I could say "Aha! NOW I know what this is all about!" and watch everything fall into place.

Not one of my favourite topics by any means, but when a puzzle is as well constructed as this I don't mind that at all. I hope that this fine effort will attract more comments than the paltry smattering garnered by Dysart's excellent puzzle last week.
A very nicley constructed puzzle in several ways. I'm glad I got one of the thematic names fairly early otherwise I would have stuggled a lot more with the clashing entries. As it was I found completing the lower half pretty tough.
Consternation at the end when I ended up with a non-word after applying the instruction, but a close look at one entry revealed a carelees error.
Excellent - another winner in a run of good puzzles.

A decent mix of (slightly) easier and (much) harder clues meant it was easy to get a toe-hold in the grid, but far more difficult to complete and parse everything.

Thanks Awinger - very enjoyable.
Buzzed along for a while then came to a juddering halt. Impressive construction in the resolution of the clashes, with quite a lot of working backward from letter mixtures to clue answer. The 9 thematic items take you back a surprisingly long way I feel. We seem to be in a rich vein of crosswords. Much appreciated, thx Awinger
Another terrific puzzle; we are being spoilt at the moment. Like others, I thought it was going to be a doddle as I filled about a third of the grid in twenty minutes or so, but it turned out to be anything but that. Even at the end I struggled with the last clash when I knew what it had to be.

Thanks, Awinger.
I agree with everything said so far. I have an active dislike of the theme, and that made me a tad more grumpy even than usual. But you have to admire the setting and the cluework.
The theme is my cup of tea and so was the puzzle. As others have said, we have had a great run of top quality Listeners recently.

Another puzzle with an impressive construction.

Many thanks, Awinger.

Bags of thematic material and some taxing clues.

Thanks, Awiner.
Thank goodness for Wikipedia.
This was a real joy to complete - many thanks, Awinger! I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to compile.

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Listener Crossword No 4607 Observe The Globe By Awinger

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